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We have developed a number of GIS products for well known cartographic organisations as well as our own packages. Some of our products are outlined below.

Comsult Products

County Record

The County Record is derived from a project undertaken for Durham County Council's Arts Libraries and Museums. It makes available a very extensive collection of photographs, mapping and archaeological records.

County Photos

County Photographs is a professional Windows tool for Image Collections with easy public access.

County Photos On The Web

We have developed a Web enabled version of County Photographs. It has the same functionality as the original version but runs in a Web Browser.

County Maps

County Maps is a professional Windows tool for Historic Collections with easy public access.

Customer Products

The Times Electronic World Map and Database

An electronic world atlas based on mapping data from Bartholomew's which is integrated with statistical and demographic country data.

Interactive Street Atlas

Ordnance Survey/Philip's Street Atlases available for the first time on CD-ROM with a wide range of interactive features


We have developed mapping products as part of our membership of Intergraphs GeoMedia Partnership program.