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County Photographs is the Professional Windows Tool For Image Collections with Easy Public Access. The system is divided into two sections, the Viewer and the Indexer.

General Key Features

Multiple indexing designed by you

The Viewer

The viewer allows users to look at the images stored in your collection. Images can be retrieved on search criteria. The features of the indexer are:

The Indexer

The Indexer allows the administration of the collection. The features of the indexer are:

The County Photographs system is part of a larger software system for PCs - called the County Record system - which provides a comprehensive Administrative and OPAC system of accessing seamless modern and historic maps and archaeological data as well as images. Users of the County Photographs system can upgrade to the County Record system as and when required.

The County Record is derived from a project undertaken for Durham County Council Arts, Libraries and Museums Department which was grant aided by the Department of National Heritage under the Public Library Development Incentive Scheme in recognition of its innovative nature.